• Starting in Lebanon and the Levant region
  • Sell & Buy Bitcoin (BTC) for Lebanese Pounds (LBP)
  • On-demand Escrow
  • Uses local Money Transfer Operators for exchanging (LBP) ⇄ (BTC)
  • No registration required
  • No personal information collected
  • No records maintained
  • Web based
  • Use any wallet you desire
  • 1% Transaction Fee in BTC


  • Always-On Encryption by default for privacy
  • Keys generated on client used for identity
  • Open-Source so no back-doors nor tracking
  • Escrow uses TOR when accessing Bitcoin nodes


  • 2020 3rd Qtr: Mobile Friendly Web App
  • 2020 4th Qtr: All Diaspora Currencies
  • 2021 1st Qtr: Android
  • 2021 4th Qtr: Fully Decentralized
  • 2022 1st Half: 1M5 Censorship Resistance


Fluus, or money in Arabic, was started with the mission to drive financial inclusion with technologies that are borderless, open, and neutral.

We create a bridge between the Levant communities and the diaspora to exchange value regardless of the contexts and threats. To accomplish this, we focus on three primary objectives:

  • Offer safe Bitcoin ⇆ local currency conversion corridors for buyers and sellers
  • Provide a means for the free market to establish prices
  • Drive financial inclusion by simple intuitive user experience with no restrictions

Fluus was built by passionate people that believe money is the communication of value, and people are free to choose their communication methods.

Donations can be made in Bitcoin (BTC) by sending to the following address: 1F12Xw7yzT51gCnwnQmdC8Ns8e2ahU6XAj