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MENA’s first localized AND keyless cryptocurrency wallet


FLUUS is an ecosystem of cryptocurrency services

The products compliment each other and can be used individually. Safely enter the crypto economy, save, transact, earn and cash out.

FLUUS is an ecosystem of cryptocurrency services.

The products compliment each other and can be used individually. Safely enter the crypto economy, save, transact, earn and cash out.


What makes us Unique

Keyless Wallet

Biometrics based wallet.


Reward users for active utilisation of FLUUS products.

Fluus Agents Network

A localised network of licensed and verified agents who will help facilitate the conversion of fiat to crypto and vice-versa.


Available in local languages for a better user experience
Token Architecture

The Challenges

Smartphones > Bank accounts

Globally 31% or 1.7B adults are Unbanked vs. 5.2 Billion Smartphone users.

Hidden Costs

Global average cost of sending 200 USD is 6.5%.

Seed Phrases

Around 20% of the existing 18.5 million Bitcoin, worth around $140B, are stranded in wallets with lost seed phrases.

Divided by Borders

SMEs and NGOs face a barrier to enter the world of finance in MENA.

Alternative Systems

Alternative systems like Hewala and Western-Union are cash based, making them a target of inflation and illicit use, with zero autonomy over the money.


Peer to Peer (P2P) markets are localised.

Token Architecture

The Solution
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Spearheading a crypto-based economy, we’re making it easy for anyone,
anywhere to buy, send, receive, swap, and cash out cryptocurrencies & tokens.

1. Create Wallet

Your face your FLUUS. Never again worry about passwords, private keys, or seed phrases.

2. Swap

Swap tokens directly from your FLUUS wallet.

3. Cash out

Cash out your stable coins using our network of trusted agents and escrow smart contracts.



FLUUS tokens are the utility and governance tokens of the FLUUS ecosystem.

Cash Back

Users of the FLUUS ecosystem can enjoy cash back in stablecoins

Fee Reduction

FLUUS Holders get reduction in fees on all FLUUS products & services.

Fluus Agent Network

Stake FLUUS Tokens to whitelist & onboard as an Agent to FLUUS


Delegate Know Your Customer
(KYC) / Vetting



At FLUUS, we offer a variety of consultation services.

Whether you are just dipping your toes into the blockchain space or want your smart contracts audited, we have a team of experts than can help you navigate your way.


The Roadmap

Join us on our journey of breaking barriers and
bringing the world together. One transfer at a time.

Q1 2022

The Starting Point

Legal Structure
Partner Engagement
Whitepaper Release

Q2 2022

Engineering & Architecture

Design FLUUS Architecture
Token Generation Event
Increase Community Engagement

Q3 2022

Going to Market

Public Sale
Launch FLUUS Agents Network
Increase Human Capital and Talent
Enhance Marketing Campaigns

Q4 2022

Security Audits & Pioneers

Security Audits
Launch Wallet ALPHA
Launch FluusPay
Add Corridors

Q1 2023

Main Launch

Launch v1
Expand FluusPay use case to Payments
Launch in New Markets

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